Company Profile:
Bylion was established in 1990 in ─░stanbul by the name of A-PLUS KALIP. Bylion started its activities as a small workshop but we managed to secure a solid place in the mould production market within a short time as a result of our high quality and service mentality. Our company has developed itself in parallel with the industry which gained a big momentum in the 2000s, and has drawn the attention of the main assembly industry companies active in this sector. Bylion mainly focuse on production of group sockets and accessories and increasing the production line year by year. Taking the boom in the manufacturing industry and the ever increasing global competition into account, we place special emphasis on investments to increase the productivity and improve the product quality. Directed towards this aim, our company is structured in such a way that it orients the personel towards research & development suited to universal qualifications, and supports this with modern apparatuses and equipment. As a result of our efforts, we received successful results in audits carried out by the main assembly industry companies. Furthermore, our company has been certified with the TSE,CE and ISO 9001 Quality Management System

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Jordan, Azerbaijan, Libya

Cable, Sockets, Cable Reel, Cables, Hard Hats, Socket, Reels, Leds, Rubber Sockets, Rubber Plugs, Metal Rollers, Extension Cable, Extension Cables, Plug, 20 M Extension Cable, 30 M Extension Cable, 35 M Extension Cable, 50 M Extension Cable, Cable Reel With Drum Extension, Flexible Outlet, High Capacity Low Cost Cable Reel, Metal Reel, Mobile Extension, Mobile Extension Cord, Multiconductor Cable, Plastic Cable Reel, Plastic Rubberized Cable Reel, Portable Cable Reel, Portable Extension Cable, Portable Reel, Power Point, Triple Rubber Plug, Triple Rubber Plug Socket, Hard Hat, Roller Extension Cable, Rubber Plug, Roller Extension Cables, Grounded Sockets, Rubber Grounded Sockets, Grounded Rubber Scockets, Monophase Sockets, Monophase Rubber Sockets, Rubber Monophase Sockets, Monophase Rubber Plugs, Monophase Plugs, Rubber Socket, Grounded Socket, Rubber Grounded Socket, Grounded Rubber Scocket, Monophase Socket, Monophase Rubber Socket, Rubber Monophase Socket, Monophase Rubber Plug, Monophase Plug

Established Date: 1990  Staff Count: 6-10  Export Specialist: Alper Asim ACIKGOZ